Recruitment Services


Getting recruitment right is essential to create a safe, productive and happy working environment. Whether that is recruiting a cleaner, manager, administrator or teacher we can help.  Recruiting the best people for your organisation can have an enormous impact on productivity and engagement. It can also improve morale and the wellbeing of your staff.

Recruitment can be extremely time consuming for an organisation and costly in terms of time, placing adverts and agency fees. According to ACAS the average cost to recruit a member of staff is approx £5000. 

To help you achieve this we have put together a recruitment offers which can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.


This includes :

Basic advert templates 

Advert writing

Social Media promotion

Initial application screening 

Assessment centre guidance 

Recruitment paperwork

Reference Check

Market advice 

Place the advert

Pre health clearances

Pool of standard JD/PS 

Recruitment templates

DBS processing

Safe Recruitment compliance 

We want to ensure you get the right person to : 

Reduce :

Absences / Capability issues / Grievances / Disciplinaries / Turnover of staff / Time spent on non-educational matters.


Pupil performance / Pupil wellbeing / Staff morale / Creativity / Staff Engagement / Staff wellbeing 


Other Recruitment Service's are available include : 

Assessment of recruitment needs

Job evaluation

Coordinating interviews 

Interview questions

Behavioral assessments 

Design and coordination of assessment centres 

Candidate pools 

Full end to end recruitment