GDPR & Cyber Security Support for Business

Services the we offer include:

  • Access to specialist professionals who can advise on your implementation and compliance with data protection legislation.
  • Annual consensual health checks to test GDPR compliance.
  • The provision of expert assistance in responding to requests for information under data protection legislation, PECR and EIR (if applicable).
  • Model policies, reviewed and updated annually, including a CCTV Policy and a Data Protection Policy which reflects the 2018 changes in data protection law.
  • Access to online training for all employees in relation to data protection and cyber security including the provision of up to 3 days in-house training (or the equivalent part days) by the Senior IG Officer if preferred. Additional training time is available at the relevant charging rates.
  • Assistance in maintaining a Record of Processing Activities which is a requirement under GDPR.
  • Advice on fair processing notices, consent, data privacy impact assessments and data sharing agreements.
  • Advice in relation to Records Management.

We also offer a Full IG Service where we will act as your Designated Data Protection Officer.

In addition to the services listed above the Full IG Service will also include:

  • Dedicated on site Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Dedicated breach incident support including investigation, ongoing management and post incident recommendations
  • Management of submissions to the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Advice and assistance in managing Subject Access requests including onsite visits
  • Other general advice and assistance as required.

So why choose us?

Almost  20 years’ experience in dealing with Information Governance legislation and issues on a daily basis in a variety of roles.

  • Full service support, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5pm
  • A dedicated point of contact
  • Flexible support via email, telephone and on-site visits
  • Qualified Practitioners